How to Recover From a Tummy Bug

Every experienced traveller will know the story. The uncomfortable feeling in the stomach and gut gives way to an unsettled feeling. The unsettled feeling becomes increasingly turbulent, and the faint rumble becomes a roar. Suddenly you’re dividing your time equally between sitting doubled up on a toilet bowl, and quietly wretching into one.

Was it something we ate? The water we used to brush our teeth? The stray kitten we played with? Who knows? But action must be taken at that first belly growl, and taken quickly. Not because speed of action will make much difference to the duration of your suffering, but because procrastination will result in your being too incapacitated to get out to the pharmacy and back.

You will need:

1. Water – Lots of. This, when sipped between bouts of vomiting, will help hydrate.

2. Domperidone – One packet. These, when kept down long enough, stop vomiting – eventually.

3. Nifuroxazide, Erfuzide in Thailand – One packet. These, when vomiting has ceased due to consumption of previous pill, stop diarrhoea – eventually.

4. Paracetamol – One packet. These, when vomiting and diarrhoea cease, will subside headache left by dehydration, caused by said diarrhoea and vomiting.

5. Electrolytes – Several sachets. These, when vomiting and diarrhoea cease, will help hydrate and replace lost minerals. Taken mixed with water. They are electrically charged ions of sodium and potassium.

NOTE: Consult pharmacist. Take all medicine as prescribed.

SECOND NOTE: Incidentally, 4 and 5 are also excellent for hangovers. 

Am happy to report my brother and I got through to the other side, somewhat weak and bedraggled, but in okay shape considering our plight. Less than twenty four hours after the first spew, we were sitting up in Big Momma’s Kitchen enjoying a large bowl of spicy tomato cream soup. Delicious!