Journey, Railay – Koh Phangan

The trip from Railay beach to Koh Phangan (the island of the full moon party) cost 750 baht. This included a short long-tail haul from Railay to a pier that I’d rather not attempt to spell, several bus rides across the peninsula with the obligatory hour or so wait between changes in transport, and finally a ferry to the island. We left at ten in the morning and arrived at half past six in the evening, so a relatively painless experience.

We arranged a room with a lady on the pier, which was quite expensive at 600 baht a night. Figuring we would pay it and search for cheaper digs in the morning, we leapt onto the back of a couple of taxi motorbikes hailed by the pier lady and off we went, our 20 kilo backpacks playing havoc with the bikes’ aerodynamics.

Several eventful minutes later, we rolled up to Charm Beach Resort, our hair on end, our eyes wild with fright, and managed to get an excellent little fanned hut for 300 baht a night. 150 each! Something wasn’t right here: it looked different from the resort the pier lady showed us, and it was half the price. My curiosity piqued, I asked if someone had phoned ahead from the pier. ‘No’, was the reply.

It looks like the taxi guys pulled a fly one. They probably get a commission. Oh well. A bit mean on the poor pier lady, but what could we do?