Night Snorkelling Trip, Railay

We had a lot of fun on the night snorkelling trip, even though it rained most of the time and the sunset didn’t happen. Well, it did of course, but since it wasn’t visible through the clouds, for all intents and purposes it didn’t. The rain didn’t dampen spirits, however, and everyone in the group seemed to have a jolly old time. I didn’t take any photos as my camera isn’t water proof…

If you have a tablet or smart phone it may be worth investing in a waterproof bag so you can take photos under water. The array of coloured fish is breathtaking, and a selfie with that backdrop would be worth having. Don’t worry if you’re not a strong swimmer, or if you can’t swim at all; everyone is provided with a life jacket and snorkel equipment.

The trip can be booked at various vendors on Railay. Although it isn’t ultra cheap, I think it’s reasonable. It cost us 800 baht each, and this probably rises to a little more in high season. For that, you get three ‘dives’ and a bite to eat. The sunset we missed is no doubt beautiful, and if you’re lucky you get to see very large bats ‘as big as dogs’ – that’s if you are to believe our guide. I saw a bird.

I would definitely recommend it.