The Calm Before the Storm

Today we awoke early. This is part of the master plan. Going to full moon parties is like going into battle. One must prepare accordingly. After all, we’re not twenty two any more.

We eschewed alcohol last night, partook of a hearty feast consisting of an all you can eat seafood barbeque (160 baht), and hit the sack early. We arose early so we can have a tactical slumber later on. This is not to be confused with a tactical chunder, which may be utilised at a later date. Then we’ll eat, wash, adorn our armour (skinny jeans to thwart pickpockets, vest top, just because), and head into Haad Rin to vanquish the enemy. Tonight will be a good night.

People have been arriving all day, and our resort is now full. The lady who checked us in a couple of days ago told us we had to pay 900 baht for tonight only “same, same, everywhere”. We baulked a little at that, and she finally relented and let us off with 500, which is fair enough.

Arron and I went to Haad Rin for a dip before breakfast this morning. Thai workers are erecting metal framing, I assume for dance stages. No doubt there will be screaming youths hanging off them later, with colourful buckets of toxic liquid in hand. I think I’ll join them.

There’s a nervous tension in the air. The calm before the storm. The quiet murmer of huddled troops, before the battle ensues.