Full Moon Party?

It’s been several days since the full moon party. I was feeling a tad peaky this past while, not to mention incredibly lazy: a relatively recent development in my hangovers. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: those party buckets are poison, nothing short of it.

Now I’m in the mood to muse, so let me muse. And the subject of my musings? Well, I’m not convinced that the full moon party is actually a party at all, in the classical sense. Or should that be in the neoclassical sense, given that a party as we know it is a somewhat modern phenomenon? Whatevs.

Let me explain. For a party to be a party, one would expect a large degree of homogeneity in the experience of the revellers. In some ways, the full moon has this in buckets (I meant that pun, am very proud of it, and refuse to apologise for it), but in others it somehow lacks a certain cohesion that may improve it dramatically.

Sure, it’s held on a relatively small beach on a relatively small island, and for the most part party goers don luminous shirts, drink copious amounts of hazardous liquid in the form of party buckets, and apply to their bodies glow in the dark paint in intricate designs. But there is no main focal point, no major DJ or band. As a result, people often wander aimlessly up and down the beach, pausing tentatively to watch a fire show here, or listen to a DJ there. Others leap upon one of the previously erected dance stages, high on Samsong, life, and God knows what else, and gyrate like epileptic shamen all night.

It’s possible the reason for this lack of cohesion is because the full moon party began nearly thirty years ago, organised by a handful of travellers, and has grown organically ever since. It’s not as if one day someone decided to have a rave, hired a DJ, built a stage, and invited the world. Instead, the full moon party has grown over the years, with various bars popping up on the beach to take advantage of the monthly influx.

Perhaps therein lies its charm. There’s something for everyone; just not a lot of it. Is the full moon party really a party? I guess that really depends on your definition of a party; I don’t think so, but who cares? Rave on! Watch on! Do what you want to do! But stay away from drugs, ‘kay?

Now I’m fully aware this conclusion renders this post kind of pointless. But I was in the mood to muse. And so muse I did.

Who’s been? What did you think?