Namuang Waterfall, Koh Samui

It rained heavily last night and this morning, so we thought it a good idea to go in search of a waterfall. Waterfalls tend to make disappointing spectacles, unless there has been heavy rainfall in recent days. We visited one recently called Phaeng Noi, in Koh Phangan; a disgruntled tourist had vandalised the sign slightly so it read ‘Phaeng No Waterfall’, and upon our own examination we found it difficult to disagree with him – the sentiment, of course, not the vandalism.

Namuang Waterfall is more impressive. In fact, you get two waterfalls for the price of one (50 baht, with a bottle of water) as Namuang 2 has two falls adjacent to one another. There’s a bit of a climb to these, although you can avoid this by paying 100 baht for a 4WD lift. Namuang 1 is much smaller, free, and doesn’t require the same trek.

Elephant trekking is available at the same location. The elephants appear to be well looked after and have a large area to roam together unfettered when they are not ‘working’. There’s also a man-made pool with a large water slide and various natural pools at the base of the waterfalls.

And that’s about it, really. It’s a great place for a photo opportunity, but worth writing home about? Probably not. Worth writing a blog post about? Well, I’m not doing much at the moment. Worth a visit? I think so, and I suspect it would be quite spectacular in the monsoon.