Ode to a Mosquito

O lady of the night
O lady mosquito
What cruel trick of nature
Would divine to make it so
That war must rage
In perpetuality
Where you should seek
To give me strife
And I should seek
To take your life

What calamity!
What strangest fate!
That my blood must be drawn
For you to procreate
And added to this
For to be
Without my feeling
You must secrete a venom
Itchy. Bleeding.

But there it is
What can be done?
Nature has spoken
The battle’s begun
For She has made
The sad decree
We must be locked
In enmity
And I might attack
With mighty zeal
But you will forever
Bruise my heel

Hugh Hamilton

NOTE: This was written in a fit of pique on the bus to Bangkok from Koh Samui. It’s no masterpiece, I know. But it beats my first version, which ran something like as follows:

“O lady mosquito, thou art a **** (strongest expletive).”

You may guess, I’ve had a little trouble with mosquitos…