A Paradise for Bruce Lee Fans

The Bruce Lee Paradise Park is a tourist destination/theme park that honours Lee’s life as a martial artist and actor. The park regularly holds events that celebrate his works as well as his philosophies.

Bruce Lee was an innovator. He’s also arguably the most popular and respected martial artist of all time.

Not only did he popularise Chinese Kung Fu on the big screen but he was also responsible for the propagation of Jeet Kune Do – a style he developed based on the Chinese Martial Arts Wing Chun while in the U.S.

The Bruce Lee Paradise Park is currently home to the largest statue of Bruce Lee in the world

While his death shocked millions of fans all over the world, his spirit and teachings live vicariously through his students, and now, in China’s Foshan Province where a park was built in his honour.

The theme park covers about 1,200 hectares of land, which is home to thousands of birds as well as lush vegetation. The park is surrounded by trees and lakes, which give the park a serene and peaceful ambiance. Thus, it’s the perfect place to reflect on life, practice martial arts, and celebrate Bruce Lee’s legacy.

Apart from the natural surroundings, the park is home to several establishments that house Bruce Lee memorabilia. There’s the Li Yaxin Art Museum, The Bruce Lee Commemorative Museum, and Cao Chong’en Sculpture Gallery.

Of course, it wouldn’t be a Bruce Lee park without a commemorative statue in his honour. The park is home to the biggest Bruce Lee sculpture ever made, which stands at around 20 metres tall. The statue alone costs about CNY 2 million or £232,000. The words “King of Kung Fu is carved into the base of the statue along with a quick overview of Lee’s life. World-renowned artist Cao Chongg’en took two years to create the bronze statue.

Lee may have died many years ago but he is still honoured by the media through movies and games. The Birth of the Dragon in 2016 was the latest movie based on Lee, with Philip Ng starring as the iconic martial artist. In terms of video games, Lee’s memory is often replicated in fighting games such as Mortal Kombat (Liu Kang). Casual games also capitalise on Lee’s name, which is obvious with titles like the self-titled Bruce Lee game featured on entertainment portal Slingo. These examples go to show that even though Bruce Lee died in 1973, he still lives on through many different forms and is very much an inspiration to aspiring mixed martial artists.

The Bruce Lee Paradise Park accommodates tourists 7-days-a-week. Entrance to the park costs £30 for adults, and £25 for senior citizens.