Planning Sober Vacations: Best Bets For Successful Trips

Going on a sober vacation can be a great opportunity for someone who is in the midst of addiction recovery and needs a change of scenery as they embrace their new life. A vacation can provide a solid reset, but there are some types of vacations that are better suited than others for someone newly past an alcohol or substance addiction. What types of trips should people consider if they are looking to avoid temptation in terms of alcohol or drugs?

Professionals can steer you in the right direction

The Los Angeles Times suggests that turning to specialists who focus on planning sober vacations may be a wise approach. There are travel agents who can put together a trip with a focus on sobriety and there are even travel groups that allow sober travelers to connect with one another for vacations to ensure that there is plenty of support and like-minded vacationers together. Some resorts even cater to sober travelers, so these types of resources can be a great place to start in terms of planning.


Cruises are a popular vacation option for many families and individuals, but these commonly have free-flowing alcohol and can be overwhelming to those who are trying to avoid temptation and may feel anxious being confined to a ship with others who are not like-minded. However, Cruise Talk notes that there are plenty of cruise options that can be a good fit for those seeking a sober vacation. Many people do not know it, but many cruises discreetly offer the opportunity to join support meetings while out at sea, a valuable opportunity for those focusing on their sobriety.

In addition, there are groups like Sober Celebrations, Sober Sailors, Sober Cruises, and others that organize cruises for people who want to room near other sober shipmates and do sightseeing and dining as a group. Many of these sober cruise options focus on fun and relaxation in the sun, but USA Today explains that there are also cruises available that have workshops and speakers related to sobriety and recovery available. The ship as a whole may still have partiers on it, but being in a like-minded group like this can ensure that you have fun and support on your sober vacation.

Sober vacations provide a chance to embrace a new kind of active vacation

People planning a sober vacation may enjoy taking the opportunity to visit a city with plenty of sightseeing and cultural outings. Taking a trip when in recovery is a wonderful time to try something new and expand one’s horizons, and it only takes a bit of research to see how cities like San Francisco, New Orleans, Honolulu, New York City, or even Las Vegas can be enjoyed while avoiding drinking or drugs.

Try sober vacations that can provide a great getaway that also enhances your wellbeing and mental health. Trips that focus on being outdoors and active are great options, such as vacations involving camping, hiking, golf, boating, or skiing. Vacation Idea notes that when one is looking for a trip that is relaxing and rejuvenating, and possibly even spiritual, spa, yoga, or wellness-focused trips may be the best bet. These vacations can help you refocus and leave your trip with a fresh slate and eagerness to tackle the road ahead.

Taking a vacation during addiction recovery can provide a wonderful opportunity to regroup and improve your mental health as you focus on the good things ahead. It can be a challenge to avoid temptation on a vacation, but there are plenty of fantastic options available for those determined to stay sober. You may decide to take a cruise geared toward sobriety, go on an adventure-filled trip, or schedule a wellness-focused stay somewhere, and the options are endless when you look beyond the kinds of trips you may have taken in the past.

Written by Michelle Peterson of