Best Flight Comparison Websites

Here is a list of popular flight price comparison websites. I would suggest you open several pages on your browser and compare a few of these, if not all, when booking your flight. These sites often quote significantly different prices. Before you do, check out this article on How to Book a Cheap Flight. It could save you a lot of money. – My all-time favourite for its ease of use and great results. It’s a large international company not affiliated with any airlines, which is important as this means there is no bias. Even without a multi destination function it still beats the opposition as often as not. – Similar to Sky Scanner in that it does not sell flights directly and is not affiliated with any airline. Many experienced travellers recommend this site as the best. Definitely try this one. – Orbitz is a very popular flight search engine, particularly for Americans, although I would exercise caution when using it. It is affiliated with a number of carriers: this is rarely beneficial to you, the consumer. – Another popular search engine that is affiliated with both airlines and hotels. Expedia has thousands of partners, which means there is still huge competition for customers within Expedia – good for us. I used to use it a lot, but recently I’ve found that other websites beat its airfares consistently. Still, check it out. – A little bit US-centric, but has a nice simple interface, and worth running a few searches, even if you’re not from the US. – According to various experienced travellers, Vayama often offer flights much lower than the competition, so they are worth checking out. A word of caution though, they appear to have more than their fair share of disgruntled customers according to online reviews. It’s not a bargain if you don’t get there… I have yet to use them.

STA Travel – This is a great site if you are studying: students get the largest discount here, but if you’re under twenty-six you are also entitled to a discount. Definitely include this site in your searches if you are either or both of these.

Google Flights – A site that didn’t originally make my list because it is still in its developing phase. Google Flights is the fastest search engine and returns results almost instantly, but I think it still lags behind its competitors in terms of price. Also, sometimes the quoted price jumps when you are directed to the carrier’s website: their prices are not always up-to-date. Worth including in your search, though, and it will only get better.

New Zealand Resources

New Zealand is a beautiful country but it’s far from cheap. Here is a list of resources that should save you a lot of money on your trip.

BBH Club Card

The BBH Club Card costs $50 including the handling fee. The card gives you $15 refund on your first online booking with a BBH affiliated hostel and also offers an approximate $3 saving per night stayed. There’s over 260 BBH hostels in New Zealand. If you only stay at these hostels for two weeks the card will have already paid for itself. The BBH card also gives you money off various activities. Highly recommended if you plan on staying in backpackers accommodation.

Bookme Discount Website is by far the best money off website in New Zealand. There’s money off on practically every activity you can think of as well as discounts on food and drink and entertainment. I love this site and use it all the time. I’d even advise you to check it before you book anything, whatever it is. It could well be on there for much cheaper.

Credit Card Travel Insurance

TINZ Credit Card Travel Insurance So you’ve got a credit card and you’ve turned all the tricks you need to activate the insurance, so are you really getting the cover you anticipated? This guide by TINZ takes a look at those pros and cons of credit card insurance.

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