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Sam, tuk-tuk man, Phnom Penh.

Phnom Penh: Sam, Tuk-Tuk Man

Sam the Tuk-Tuk man is my latest example for why travellers should mingle more with the locals of the countries they visit. Sam himself told me that foreigners often treat him with suspicion when he proffers the hand of friendship, perhaps assuming he is trying to sell them something or rip them off. In my…

Epic NZ Road Trip – Part 2

I have previously lamented that New Zealand has rather draconian laws regarding freedom camping. One can receive hefty instant fines of $200 for camping in an undesignated area. And I have yet to see an area that is designated. Having said that, though not strictly freedom camping, there are a some spots that are not only free but…

Surfing, Raglan

Epic Road Trip NZ – Part 1

The plan was to head to Raglan with Jono and Nick, hang out with them for as long as they wished to stay, and for me to get a much needed job there. Jono would then chauffeur Nick around the rest of the island for the remainder of his vacation, and that would be that….

A Random Act of Kindness

Well here I am again, on the road. And no sooner have I left the safe confines I had established in Auckland, than I run into a barrage of difficulties. This is a common theme for me when travelling; most of these problems could and should be avoided, but I’m far too lackadaisical. I tend…