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Surfing, Raglan

Epic Road Trip NZ – Part 1

The plan was to head to Raglan with Jono and Nick, hang out with them for as long as they wished to stay, and for me to get a much needed job there. Jono would then chauffeur Nick around the rest of the island for the remainder of his vacation, and that would be that….

Paihia and Russell (Bay of Islands)

A week after arriving in Paihia on a rain-soaked, blustery night to find that there was no room in the inn, so to speak, I’m still here. I’ve had some luck with the hostel situation, managing to stay at Base Backpackers every night since my first, despite requiring others’ cancellations to do so. Incredibly this…

Railay, Thailand

A couple of days was enough in Patong, in fact we decided we had had enough of Phuket. Time for some rest and relaxation. Where better than Railay beach? A four hour journey, including a forty minute long-tail boat journey over to this kind of two beached, peninsula kind of thingy, with a rock outcrop…