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two brothers

Two Brothers: Rio’s Hidden Gem in Full View

The best things in life are free, so they say. If so, there are worse destinations for the poor cash-strapped wanderer than sun-soaked Rio de Janeiro. Surrounded by thick sandy beaches with year round temperate surf, hills and mountains galore to hike and climb, picturesque favelas to visit if you’re brave or foolhardy enough, and…

Rio Carnival - risingroads.com

Rio Carnival: Merriment and Madness

Sufficient recovery time has now passed since Rio Carnival to attempt to transcribe my somewhat vague recollection of the whole thing. The closest thing I can describe the carnival to, in its affect on the body, mind and soul, is a debauched, drink-fuelled, five day music festival like Glastonbury or Oxegen in Ireland. Day one,…